Imagine a body hovering between doubt and indecision, suspended between haste and knowing patience.  Imagine a non-conforming and brave being that faces its fears, succeeds and falters.  Seeking freedom within a dance that is full of subtleties, styles and shapes. An imaginary being celebrating life through dance. 

“A  limitless, transparent and talented artist.”

Federico  García  Lorca used to say that in dramatic moments like these, you should lay down your lily branch and wade into the mire with the mud up to your waist to help those who are looking for lillies. This is what Daniel Doña  has done to help Cristian Martín make his first production. 

“I immersed myself in Cristian Martin’s imaginative world to help him transform his brilliance into a homage, a struggle, a celebration. I became fully absorbed by this BEING that is as transparent as he is limitless, talented as he is rigorous in his creative journey. My involvement in this project has been one of life’s greatest opportunities.”

Daniel Doña



Artistic direction and choreographic advisor: Daniel Doña

Concept, choreography and performance: Cristian Martín

Lighting design: Álvaro Estrada (A.a.i)

Original composition and soundscape: Pablo Martín Jones

Sound technician: Kike Calvo

Scenic design: Daniel Doña

Photography and graphic design: marcosGpunto

Video recording: Beatrix Molnar

Tailoring: Gabriel Besa

Shoes: Gallardo

Production: Cristian Martín

Executive production: Carolina Pozuelo


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